Epic Engraving

IMG_2940It’s not every day you find a slab of oak the size of a diving board sitting on your router bed.

With the average house sign rarely bigger than A3, you’d understand when I say this 2 Meter long beast was a little daunting to engrave. Opportunities like this don’t come up very often, so when Andrew from the Maltings Studios came to discuss his project, I didn’t hesitate to accept the challenge.

The biggest hurdle I faced was finding a way to engrave the oak in two sections due to the size of the blank. I don’t think I can remember the last time we pushed the boundaries of the maximum size to this degree. I mean, this thing was huge. There wasn’t a second chance either, so once I’d figured out the best location to split the engraving, I had to trust it would turn out okay.


Choosing the carve and setting the split point on our Dell from 2001

Don’t ask me where I came up for the idea for this next section, inspired. After deciding where to split the carve, I introduced the simple idea of engraving a single stroke, just touching the surface of oak, where the middle of the ‘H’ carved for the next section. The idea behind this was to provide a reference point for ensuring the next section strats exactly whenre the last one left off.


After checking the the reference point location was on taget, the cutter should hit that exact same spot again on the next section.


No turning back now, trust in the measurements and keep your cheeks clenched for the next half-hour.




Another part of the job


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